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Society of Props Managers

SPM logo - Society of Prop Managers

Society of Props Managers

A red diamond like the one in the S*P*M logo, with the words "who we are" in it.

About Us
The Society of Props Managers

We are an international communication and support network of professional properties shop managers, committed to sharing resources, information, solutions and techniques, safety guidelines, continuing education, and stock. We promote the highest professional standards among property artisans and craftsmen, promote the profession of properties to potential artisans in college or elsewhere in the theatrical business, and establish educational standards for the training of property artisans. We improve working relationships and conditions for all properties artisans by educating theatre institutions of the capabilities and needs of property artisans. Together we have established parity with other professionals within production specialties.

Education and Outreach​

Our organization actively promotes our profession by hosting S*P*A*Minars, awarding grants to up-and-coming properties professionals, hosting a table at USITT, advising students at KCACTF, striving to standardize safety practices, and offering sample resumes, interview questions, book resource lists, and more.  Our members include education professionals and offer internships in their shops.

What we do
Where we shine

Member Sites and Affiliates

Are we content to sit back at the end of a long tech with our feet up and a (fake) fruity drink?  Heck no!  We just can’t help ourselves, and we go out and do more stuff.  Our Affiliates page is full of links to our members’ web sites, Etsy stores, blogs, books, and articles where they dive deeper into the field of theatre properties or branch out to something completely different. 

Also included on this page are links to other theatre associations’ sites such as Actor’s Equity Association, IATSE, USITT, and many more.  Looking for the folks we work with?  Here’s where you’ll find them.

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